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$200 Worth of Gift Vouchers – Who Wants In?

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If you were a member of CrossFit Dark Horse during the month of November, GUESS WHAT?

You earned a $200 combined voucher ($20 per brand) to use for buying sweet new CrossFit gear and products for your participation in #NoQuitNovember!

This reward was organized by O2’s Community Coalition, and the following brands are participating:

Born Primitive
Four Sigmatic
Lesser Evil

Last spring, the Community Coalition launched a similar program called #StayforMay. About 2,000 gyms participated, including 60,000 gym members. Each of the participating brands in that campaign issued $1.5M in gift vouchers as a result.

From Dave Colina, O2 CEO:

“We saw in the spring the power of bringing people and brands together to support the backbone of our community, our gym owners. Sometimes it feels like our actions alone may not make much of a difference, but it’s clear that as a community we’re incredibly strong when we band together. We’re proud to play a small role in helping facilitate that.”

Email us NOW and get your certificate code and get in on the goodies!!  The certificates expire on Christmas!

Check it out the Community Coalition here!

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