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Coronavirus: An Update From CFDH

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As owners of CFDH, we regularly ask ourselves and our coaches, “How can we help our members be healthy, strong, and happy?” That in essence, is our sole focus.

But the question we find ourselves asking right now is “How can we serve in this situation? How can we make our members feel safe?”
Like you, we are concerned and want to do what we can to help keep our community, our friends, and our family healthy.

From the onset of this situation, we have been listening to credible and reliable sources for accurate and current information, and the plan we’ve put in place reflects that input.

As things evolve, we are actively monitoring the situation and assessing risks, and are ready to implement immediate changes to foster a safe training environment. We will continue to communicate with you in a timely and transparent way so you can continue to workout in the gym with confidence.

What We’re Doing Now

Here’s a list of things we are already doing to minimize the spread of germs:

Coaches and Coach Assistants are actively helping members sanitize used equipment as class ends

Despite the foregoing, equipment is being sanitized again after EVERY class, after EVERY use by a Coach or Coach Assistant

We’ve added an extra day of professional cleaning service to the gym. This means it’s being professionally cleaned and sanitized just about every other day.

We’ve elevated personal hygiene requirements for all staff

Starting Monday, there will be a WOD at Home option included in Wodify if you prefer to workout on your own without equipment.

We are temporarily prohibiting out of town drop-ins

Livestream classes so you can watch what’s happening in the gym and listen to the coach while you WOD at home if that’s your choice.

We are temporarily removing the chalk buckets. If you like to use chalk, ask a coach for a piece to keep in a baggie in your gym bag for personal use at the gym.

We will sanitize high-touch, high-traffic areas several times a day
Asking class participants to spread out as much as possible

Side Note: The news has suggested that people stay away from the gym… undoubtedly, they were referring to large globo-gyms like LA Fitness where hundreds of people (who don’t wipe down their equipment) are in and out each day, every day. CFDH is a micro-gym, and micro-gyms are far cleaner than globo gyms; we can see who’s been in and what’s been touched and clean it after each person. LA Fitness can’t do that.


What We May Do

Temporarily cap classes to increase social distancing

Restrict gym access to only those people taking class (e.g., no hanging out before/after class)

Close if required by the government

Add more open gym times to reduce class sizes

If we learn that someone came down with the virus, we will notify everyone and close the gym for 2 days to professionally clean and sanitize every inch of the gym


What You Can Do

Wash your hands when you first arrive at the gym and after using the toilet.

When you wash your hands, sing the ABC song twice; that’ll ensure you washed long enough.

Stay home if you have even the slightest symptoms of a cold, or if you are unsure if you’re feeling well.

If you travel anywhere, please don’t come to the gym for a few days following your return.

Wear gloves while you workout. Golf gloves make great workout gloves.


A Special Offer For Our Members

Our members are healthier than most people out there. We exercise, we eat right, we sleep, and some of us even wear Coach Mike’s Blue Blocker glasses at night.

And that means your immune system is stronger than most people! High-five!

But we don’t want you to lose it. We don’t want you to stop training and doing the things that make you strong and healthy. So if you’re nervous about going into public places or coming to the gym, we understand and we want you to do what makes you feel safe. If that means you prefer working out at home, then we will coach you remotely. Just get in contact with us and we will get you training from home ASAP!


Information Is Power

When things like this happen, it’s really easy to make decisions based on fear instead of facts. So I’d like to share some facts with you; facts that made me feel more at ease with what’s going on. We hope you find them useful. We hope it puts the things the media has blown out of proportion into a more reasonable perspective and that perhaps, it maybe even gives you some piece of mind.


On behalf of myself and the coaches, I wanted to let you know we are humbled by your loyalty, and we take our responsibility to you, our second family, very seriously. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about anything.


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