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Eat More Not Less

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Raise your hand if you have done a health, fitness, or nutrition “challenge” in the past.

Keep your hand raised if you were told to cut out certain foods for the duration of said challenge?  Keep your hand raised if you went back to eating the foods you restricted at the end of the challenge.

Ok – you can put your hand down.


This isn’t the best way to build a healthy relationship with food! “No sugar! No cheese! No carbs! No legumes! No eating out. No Fun! No No No!”

While cutting certain types of food might help you see some fast results, it’s not the best plan long term.  Sustainable practices lead to sustainable results.  Our goal is to help you develop healthy and sustainable habits; a lifestyle, not a temporary solution. We want to avoid reinforcing the idea that some foods are inherently BAD.

Foods are not “bad” or “good;” different foods do different things in your body.  Some foods give you energy, some keep you full, some help build lean body mass, and some are just for fun.

Try to work on your nutrition with absolutely zero focus on what NOT to eat. Instead, focus on what you should eat, and *poof* –  the rest will work itself out on its own! Just trust the process and stay consistent!


For this coming week, focus on getting a serving of vegetables with every meal. How much is a serving? We are keeping it SIMPLE. No measuring. No need to weigh your food.

We are just aiming for a cupped handful with every meal.
YES – THAT MEANS BREAKFAST, LUNCH, AND DINNER. But no veggies with desert, that would be weird…


Throw it in a scramble! Veggies with breakfast can be tough. The easiest thing to do is to pick a few favorites and scramble them together with some eggs. Top it off with a little hot sauce and BOOM! What vegetables? You won’t even notice!


Prepare for the Week! Batch cook some roasted vegetables. Pack a few lunches. Pack the fridge with enough options to last you through the week. Don’t get to a meal without a vegetable option. A little work up front goes a long way in setting you up for success throughout the week


Have fun! Eating veggies doesn’t have to be boring. Look up a new recipe, add cheese to your big salad, drizzle some honey or balsamic vinegar and salt on brussel sprouts. The options are endless. The goal is to eat more veggies! We didn’t say they had to be raw, unflavored, and boring.


Have a fantastic week!



Content inspired by and borrowed from  NCFit.

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