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February 23 Friday Night Lights: Post Workout Shakes

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We’re going to start the Friday Night Lights fun this week with post workout shakes.  Why did we opt to start the food fun with that? Well, Open workouts are notorious for being particularly challenging and pushing your fitness to the max, more so than CrossFit normally does.

So, if we’re going to be doing that for 5 straight weeks on top of normal training, it’s important that you’re doing everything you can to assist your body recover and be in a better position to continue training.

The 30 -60 minutes following an intense workout is a really important period of time because it’s at this time that your body is particularly primed to shuttle nutrients toward lean muscle mass; like a sponge in water.

The Importance of Protein

Muscle growth only happens when muscle protein synthesis (the cells rebuilding) is greater than muscle protein breakdown (cells breaking down in a workout).

To speed the muscle recovery process and facilitate muscle growth it’s important to consume protein that digests quickly so it can get to your muscles fast where the shift from muscle breakdown to muscle growth is happening.

The Importance of Pairing Protein with the Right Carbs
Protein mixed with quick digesting carbohydrates can increase muscle growth, leading to faster recovery so you can hit the next day’s workout with as much intensity as you did the day before.
Taking protein by itself is good, but taking protein with a fast digesting carb is even better.  Why?  
If you were starving for a meal, would you want to ride a bike to get to the nearest restaurant or drive a Ferrari?  Post workout, your muscles are starving for protein so they can rebuild and grow.   High quality fast digesting carbs are the Ferrari for the protein.
Quality Counts
Just like everything that goes in your body, quality here is important.  You wouldn’t fuel up a Ferrari with bargain basement gas would you?  The supplement industry is highly unregulated, which means they don’t have to tell you everything that is used as an ingredient.

This is why we only use products like SFH and Vitargo where the ingredients are transparent, and the product is independently tested.

SFH Protein is derived from grass fed, free range cows, which are not treated with bovine growth hormones.  SFH contains no synthetic substances and no artificial flavors or colorings.  It’s also non-gmo, gluten free, and does not contain soy lecithin.
Vitargo is a unique carbohydrate that is rapidly digestible and capable of delivering glucose to the blood, liver, and muscle at least twice as fast as other ordinary carbohydrates.

This is important because spending less time in the stomach allows Vitargo (and the protein it’s shuttling) to be delivered faster to the intestinal tract. This provides a near immediate energy boost to blood and muscle. After training, Vitargo recovers glycogen stores 77% faster, allowing for an increase in performance up to 23% greater after just two hours when compared to carbohydrates found in ordinary sport and recovery drinks.

Unlike the claims of other supplements claiming to do similar things, Vitargo is the only supplement who’s claims are backed by published scientific research.

As if the science wasn’t reason enough to make SFH and Vitargo your go to post workout shake, the two together are absolutely delicious!

So this Friday at FNL, be sure to get your free SFH +Vitargo post workout shake and see for yourself!

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