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I’m in! The CrossFit Open

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It’s that time of year again, my friends. The CrossFit Open is upon us! From February 21st – March 25th, CrossFit athletes from around the world will compete together over the course of 5 weeks. The competition is for everyone, regardless of age or experience, which makes it the most inclusive athletic competition in the world.

For those of you who have been to this rodeo before, you know this is an exciting time of year. Approximately 5 weeks from now, we will gather as a community every Friday Night to throw down, have fun, and see just how far we’ve come in our fitness since last year. It’s thrilling to see your fellow members achieve more than they believed they were able to do, just as it’s thrilling to realize for yourself where your true capacity lies.

But The Open is not just about the workouts, or going RX, or pushing yourself to hit PRs. Like CrossFit itself, the heart of the event centers on building a healthy, supportive community through friendly competition. So if this is your first time, don’t be afraid! The whole point of The Open is to challenge us and move us outside of our comfort zone – which is where the magic happens in terms of our development as athletes and as people.

There are other important reasons to sign-up for the Open. Here’s a few to consider if you’re still on the fence:

1. See how far you’ve come. You work your butt off at the gym all year long. The Open is a great way to test and enjoy the results of all that good work. More importantly, it will help push you to the next level. You’ll see where your weaknesses lie and it will inspire you to work harder to overcome them. And because you record your scores, you’ll be able to compare yourself year to year and see your progress in black and white.


2. You’re already good enough to do it. No matter what your level of experience, The Open is for you! Even if you cannot do the exact prescribed weight of any or most of The Open workouts, you will most likely surprise yourself with what you are able to pull off. The Open is about calling on the best in yourself no matter your current level. Most likely you are physically stronger than your mind lets you believe.


3. It’s fun! No, really, it is! At CrossFit Dark Horse, we dedicate every Friday afternoon and evening to our own Friday Night Lights. We assign heats, print score sheets, recruit judges, and award prizes. We feature a Coaches’ Heat and Fight of the Night. Families are welcome and people stop by after work just to watch, even if they are not doing the workout that night. It’s lighthearted and supportive and exciting all at once. Oh, and lots of times, there’s food too. Can anyone resist a Coconut Girl Ice Cream Sandwich or acai bowl?

You’ll never know if what I’m saying is true unless you’re willing to throw your name up on that leader board, too, and go for it. Be open to exploring the best you have to offer right now, in this moment. More often than not, you’ll surprise yourself. And there’s no time like the present to find out. You can register for the Open here.

I’m in! Are you?!

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