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Meet the Coaches: Coach Mel

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Coach Mel has been with us for a couple of months now, so we thought it was time we learned a little bit more about her!

Mel came to us from CrossFit Studio City. While she has been a coach for more than five years, you might not know that she has struggled with some of the same challenges many of us face.

“I grew up inactive and overweight. In fact, I was about 200 pounds by the time I was 15 years old. At that point I decided to change my lifestyle. So in the beginning I started with running and eating better. I worked out in the globo gyms, then I found CrossFit and fell in love!”

Mel holds a BA in Kinesiology, and knew she wanted to help people but was unsure of where she wanted her career to go. “ I decided to search for jobs in gyms. I found a CrossFit box in North Hollywood, not even knowing what CrossFit was. They hired me as front desk and eventually I took some classes and was hooked!”

Mel’s athletic goals are to lift heavy and learn new skills. “Train healthy. Never settle.” Her personal goals are to “lose body fat, get my abs back, always keep learning, and help others reach their fitness and health goals. Stay healthy. Workout for longevity.”

Don’t be a hater, but her favorite movement is…burpees!

Mel became a coach in order to help others. “I didn’t feel confident in my early years. I know some people struggle with the same thing I did growing up. I want to show them it is possible with discipline and hard work. And that working out can be fun. It brings me joy when I see people progress and build confidence in themselves, get stronger, finally learn that skill they’ve struggled with for awhile.

CrossFit is more than working out or a sport. It’s a community. CrossFit has taught me a lot about myself, in and out of the gym, as an athlete and a coach. I am here to lead by example. Coaching pushes ME to be better in all aspects of my life.”

When she is not at the gym, Mel can be found watching movies/tv, hanging out with her boyfriend, visiting family, taking naps, doing puzzles and origami, and trying new foods.

Welcome Coach Mel! We’re so glad you’re part of the Dark Horse family.

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