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Member Spotlight: Alex Tello

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As one of the long-time members of CrossFit Dark Horse, many of you likely know Alex Tello. Whether he’s curating a playlist for Saturday class, or dancing in the middle of a WOD, Alex brings energy and a sense of fun to everything he does.

Like many of us, Alex’s fitness journey was inconsistent. “Honestly, I only ever really enjoyed playing volleyball when I was younger, until I realized I wasn’t tall enough to keep up. And in college, any kind of fitness regime really flew out the window. I tried the normal, ‘bro-sesh’ workouts, but they never really gave me much satisfaction. It wasn’t until I stepped foot into my first box that I started having a normal fitness routine.”

When he started CrossFit, his goal was to get fit. “Everyone looked to be in great shape – which is what I aspired to originally. After the first few sessions, I realized that I really liked the challenge that CrossFit gave me, along with a bit of healthy competition with other members.”

When he first started, everything felt hard. However, “my biggest challenge was the small voice in my head, telling me to stop and give up. If it wasn’t for the coaches that pushed me, showed me what I was actually capable of, or that ‘look how far you have come!’ message, I probably would have given up.”

His first ‘win’ was to be able to run a mile without stopping, a goal many of us can relate to. “I couldn’t remember the last time that happened, besides high school.” Later, as he got better at CrossFit, he found he enjoyed participating in local competitions. “My favorite story to tell is the time when Adam (Mazzeo), (Coach) Jameson and I beat Coach Vince’s team at a competition. It was before he started coaching at Dark Horse, but when I saw him walk through those doors, I knew exactly who he was! The “Three Amigos” plaque is still in the office and I don’t let him forget it. It’s the only time I think I’ll ever beat him.”

Since starting CrossFit, Alex has found he is more motivated to push himself, “not only at the box, but taking that edge to all aspects in my life and be the best version of myself.”

He’s working on his muscle ups and handstand push ups (aren’t we all?). As for his favorite movements? “It used to be burpees, oddly enough. However, I have really started to love back squats and bar muscle ups, when I have them. Ha!”

Outside the box, Alex is a buyer for Entertainment Earth. In his free time, he likes to “hang with friends and family! Kick back and have a few beers! Also, I love to travel! Nothing like relaxing and finding new places.”

Thank you, Alex, for being a special part of our CrossFit Dark Horse family!!

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