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Member Spotlight: Carol Davtyan

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New member Carol Davtyan has only been at CrossFit Dark Horse for 3 months, but has already made a very positive impact on our community.

Fortunately, the feeling is mutual. “I am so happy to be here!”

Carol does not have any athletic background, and before coming to CFDH never did any sort of fitness. “I love to sit on the couch and eat junk food. However, after two pregnancies and a combined weight gain of 80 lbs I had to do something about it.”

She chose CrossFit.

“I wanted to do CrossFit because I like a challenge. And to get healthy of course!”

Getting healthy is a journey Carol began many years ago. “I am 35 and have been sober for 9years. In July it will be ten. Through my drug addiction I left myself homeless by not going to work anymore, putting my family second. Just hanging out with the wrong crowd.

One day I was tired of all that so I sought help. For me it was God. I’ve since then dedicated myself to living for God and living my best life possible. I’ve gotten married and have two wonderful children! All is good.”

Carol is really happy to be part of the Dark Horse community. Her son David also loves being part of our Pony Club!

“I walked into CFDH never having lifted a kettlebell before. My first win was running 400m. After breaking my tibia and fibula I had given up on running. Yesterday I ran 2000m; it was amazing!”

This year, Carol would like to achieve a box jump and a pull up. And her favorite movement is thrusters. “Lifting a bar then squatting with it and finally lifting it over your head like a warrior!! It’s awesome.”

But her favorite thing about CFDH is watching others work out. “It motivates me. If they can do it, so can I!”

“Since I joined CFDH there have been so many changes! I’ve now lost 23 lbs. I can lift heavy things. And the bike… I can do 15 calories at once. When I joined I was doing 2 or 3. I also can’t stop talking about it. I tell all my friends “today I back squatted 80 lbs” or “I can do a real burpee now!’”

It’s just the beginning, Carol. The best is yet to come!

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