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Member Spotlight: Natasha Levy

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Natasha first came to CrossFit Dark Horse on a dare. “Over the years I have enjoyed taking Pilates classes on ClassPass. During that time, my husband (member David Levy) joined Dark Horse. I would go to many of the Opens to cheer him on, and people would always ask when I was going to sign up.

I kept bugging my husband to come to a Pilates class with me, and he finally caved and said he would go to one of mine if I went to one of his, thinking I would say no. So I did. And then I joined Fundies.”

While Natasha was new to CrossFit, she was no stranger to being active. “All my life I’ve been in some genre of dance, which is a great way to workout. I first took tap dancing when I was only 5 years old, and from there I moved into jazz, hiphop, belly dance and salsa, respectively. I also started Martial Arts when I was 10 years old. Today, I hold a 2nd degree Black Belt in Hapkido.”



Since joining Dark Horse last year, Natasha notices she has gotten much stronger. Her favorite movement is deadlifts, and she’s working on her cardiovascular endurance (aren’t we all!). But the thing that keeps her coming back is the people. “My favorite thing about CFDH is how supportive everyone is of one another. Everyone truly cares about each others’ well-being and is more than willing to answer any questions, offer tips, jump in to help, as well as cheer and build each other up.”


As for a first ‘win’? “I would have to say that I feel very accomplished every time I finish a workout. I recently completed my first RX workout which was a personal achievement (we saw that – congratulations!!).”

In the next year, she would like to be able to master double unders. “Ok maybe not master them, but at least do a few!”




When she’s not working as a marketer for Active Storage, or with developers as a designer of new homes, Natasha enjoys a full life outside of work and working out. “I am a huge bookworm, so in my free time I love to read. I try to travel whenever I can, and if weather allows, scuba dive.”

We’re honored to be a part of your fitness journey. Thank you for being part of the Dark Horse Family!

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