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Member Spotlight: Nikash

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One of our newer members, Nikash Bagirathi is already making a positive impact on our Dark Horse community. Ready with a smile and self-deprecating joke, he joined CrossFit Dark Horse because he needed “a kick in the butt, and CrossFit delivers that every time.”

Nikash is a South African Indian who moved to Los Angeles last year. “I work for a medical device company helping patients get access to therapy. My kids , China and LiLi (Boston Terriers!) also made the trip from South Africa, and I think have learned to speak American Dog. The three of us are settling nicely into the Valley.”

His first “win” was conquering the box jump. “Damn this worried me for a while. Will I hit the box and fall over? Can this be done? Is there a step ladder? I saw a little red one at the gym…” But when he first started, his biggest challenge was simply walking in the door – something many members can relate to.

One goal he’d like to accomplish this year is a pull up. “I am having a great time scaling pull ups to ring rows!  No shame in taking on the ring rows. But I’d like to get to at least a good pull up with band and then finally a good pull up.”

Nikash’s favorite two things about CFDH are the coaches and the community. “The coaches are funny and light-hearted. They keep everyone in a good mood even when you just want to call an Uber and run off when no one is looking and you’ve got 2 more rounds of 400m runs. And my fellow members are always giving a welcoming smile and support.”

His favorite movement is the back squat and he would like to improve his bench press. In the 3 months since joining CFDH, he noticed he’s become stronger, his stamina has improved, and he is far less stressed.

In his free time, Nikash likes to travel, entertain, and make new friends. “I opened a food truck back in South Africa in 2017 and miss that energy and being in the kitchen. So for now I was able to get an expandable dining table to accommodate 8 friends for a good home cooked meal. Lots of wine and good food and laughs.”

“Being new to the USA I am slowly making my way around the country with Yosemite, Napa,  West Palm, Miami, NYC to be ticked off in the coming months. Travel is the best investment and I will be playing tour guide for the new friends in LA who will be coming back to South Africa with me for Christmas and New Years.”

He recently spent time in Brazil for Carnival. “Brazilian hip movements are insane and dancing starts at 4pm ending 15 hours later. Then it all starts again the next day for the next 5 days!”

Nikash, you are a welcome addition to our community. We’re so glad you’re here!

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