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Monday’s With Mike: A Healthy Sunday Funday Brunch

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“Hey guys! It’s Monday!  This week we headed out for brunch!  I love Sunday brunches. It’s a great way to spend quality time with family and friends in a relaxed setting while enjoying a nice meal.

However, you can really run into trouble with your diet at brunch. With waffles, toast, french toast, hash browns, added sugars, and mimosas you can really do some damage.

So this week I’m going to show you how you can enjoy brunch without sacrificing your diet!  And we’re going to a local favorite spot, Blu Jam Cafe! Come check it out!


When it comes time to pick a brunch place, I try to look for a small local restaurant that isn’t a large chain like Denny’s or iHop, since you’ll usually get better quality food that way.

If you’ve ever been down Ventura Blvd or Melrose during brunch hours, then surely you’ve seen the large crowd that flocks to Blu Jam, and with good reason!

Blu Jam makes my list for healthy brunch for a few reasons:

1.  No Freezers!  ALL ingredients are locally sourced!
Ingredients are always fresh and food is made to order.  Their produce is delivered 6 days a week!

2.  If they can’t pronounce it, they don’t serve it
This is one of my favorite rules of thumb when it comes to ingredients.

3.  No corn syrup or artificial flavors in anything

4.  Many items are made from scratch to avoid bad ingredients
→ granola
→  dressings
→  jams
→  aiolis, mayonnaise, ketchups

5.  Quality ingredients + Many are organic
→  No antibiotics, hormones, or nitrates in the meats
→  Farm fresh organic eggs



Blu Jam serves breakfast all day and has a great menu of options for breakfast and lunch, including items that are gluten free and vegan.

Personally, I usually go with an omelette for breakfast, but I’m going to show you how you can incorporate some classic breakfast splurges into your brunch while still keeping things healthy.

Tip #1:  Workout First!
This will help your body utilize the carbs and other goodies in a good way and minimize the negative impact on your physique.  Try to do something that causes a lot of muscle burn.


Tip #2:  Prioritize Your Splurge
Pick 1 thing you LOVE… the thing you crave that will make you feel really satisfied… like you’ve had a treat, and then split it with whoever you’re at brunch with!  So for us it’s French Toast. We get gluten free french toast and bring our own Syrup from Know Foods. 

Yes… we bring our own syrup.  When eating clean and enjoying your food is a priority, you don’t mind the occasional odd look for BYOS.  In any event, this stuff is so delicious and tastes JUST like the good stuff.  And, it has 10 calories and 0 net carbs.  Boom!  You’ll thank me later. Check it out here.


Tip #3:  Keep The Rest of Your Breakfast in Check
Have most of your plate occupied with eggs and meat.  Keep the typical breakfast carbs like toast and potatoes to a minimum… as in pick one; not both.  🙂   Skip the OJ or other fruit juices as these sugary carbs won’t do you any favors… and besides, wouldn’t you rather eat your calories than drink them?

If a bloody mary or mimosa is on your must have brunch list, keep it to one and skip the toast and potatoes.



Each of these menu options would allow you to follow the strategy outlined above while ordering a splurge item like french toast to split with your buddy.

1.  Simply Eggs

2.  Create Your Own Omelette

3.  Italian Breakfast

4.  Steak Hash

5.  Muscle Beach


Another solid meal from a place that cares about where their food comes from and what’s in it!  I hope you enjoyed these tips, and will use them at your next brunch to enjoy yourself without any of the guilt.   

See you next week for another episode of Monday’s with Mike!

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