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Monday’s With Mike: How To Survive Super Bowl Parties

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It’s Super Bowl Weekend, an unofficial national holiday!  You train all week, watch what you eat, but then an event like this comes along and can throw all that hard work right out the window.

On this special Saturday Edition of Monday’s With Mike, I’m going to give you some tips for surviving a super bowl party at a friend’s house or bar.   Keep reading for details on all the tips (including the best cocktail for maximizing your buzz while minimizing your intake), and check out the video for my top picks from The Sherman’s menu.

Coach Mike’s Top 2 Party Tips

These two tips hold true no matter what event or festivity you might be going to… They will always minimize the impact of low quality, high calorie foods and be a safeguard against over-eating.  Can you guess what they are?!

1.  Workout First!
Working out before indulging in something will always minimize the negative effects the food would ordinarily have on your physique.  In particular, you want to hit a workout that creates the burning sensation in your muscles.  Think high rep air squats, push-ups, planks, and lunges.  Usually good old fashioned body weight movements you can do anywhere.

2.  Eat First!
Eating before you go to an event or party where there will be an endless supply of tempting foods and drinks is key.  It’s the idea behind why it’s not a good idea to go grocery shopping hungry.  You’re more likely to over indulge and over eat if you show up to a huge spread of nachos, fried chicken, and cookies when you’re hungry.

Instead, have a meal before you go so that once you’re at the party you’ll only be interested in having a taste of these things and nibbling instead of feasting.


Super Bowl Party Eating Tips

1.  Try To Keep It Paleo & Gluten Free
You won’t go wrong if you keep your snacking to meats and veggies.  Obviously you’d want to opt for a grilled burger or hot dog over fried chicken or wings dipped in a glaze or sauce as they’re usually loaded with sugar.


2.  Set a Drink Limit
If drinks are your thing, set a 2 drink limit and decide in advance that if you’re drinking, you’re going to skip the desserts.  Just remember, alcohol and desserts take only minutes to consume, but will cost you days or even a week in the gym to get back to where you were before indulging.

Avoid the sweet sugary mixes that you find in traditional Daiquiris and Margaritas and opt for a liquor mixed with something cleaner like soda water.  And of all the liquor choices out there, tequila is your best bet.  It’s the cleanest alcohol and distilled in a better way than your other options.

According to Robb Wolf, the best bang for your nutritional (and party time) buck is: Tequila + soda water + lime.  This drink doesn’t have any of the nasty internal side effects like spiking your insulin levels, promoting fat storage or dehydrating the heck out of you like other cocktails.  Here’s why:

>>  Adding citrus to drinks blunts the insulin response of alcohol (hence the lime)

>> Tequila is from agave and is gluten and starch free

>> The carbonation of the club soda delivers ethanol to your blood quicker. You can drink less and get the same buzz.  Haaay-yo!


3.  Keep Desserts To 2 Bites
If there’s a cupcake or cookie that looks simply irresistible, split it with someone!  You’ll get that satisfaction from tasting it, but will come out ahead if you keep the portion size small.


I hope you take these tips with you tomorrow and crush your super bowl Sunday festivities!  Go Rams!

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