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Owning Your Fitness

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How many times have you walked into the box, taken a look at the WOD and decided right then and there that today is going to suck and you aren’t going to have any fun? Be honest. Now, how many of you have looked at the WOD from home and just not turned up at all?

You know who you are.

We all have days when the movements, load and rep scheme seems custom built just for you. Those are the days you turn up for sure. You sail confidently through the workout, and cheer others on as they struggle through it for them selves. It’s easy to be generous and supportive, because you crushed your own workout.

What happens to you on the days when nothing goes your way? When your double-unders are a mess? When the load feels heavy and the WOD looks long? When you can’t find your mojo if your life depended on it?

When you’re coming in last? What happens to you then?

Here’s a little food for thought. If you’re not regularly putting yourself out there when the going gets rough, you’re never going to see the progress you’re looking for. We sometimes have to fail  or we never get better!

We have to own our own fitness.

The CrossFit Open is right around the corner. This 5-week test of fitness is built to reveal your weaknesses. Every CrossFitter has a movement or skill that feels just out of reach and when it surfaces in a workout – and it will – it serves as that nagging reminder of something you badly want to master, but just haven’t yet. It’s the carrot dangling right in front of the proverbial horse.

So the question becomes, what do you do with that? The answer is it depends. It depends on what your goals are, what your lifestyle is like, and where your current capacity lies.

For example, let’s say you want to get better at pull-ups. In order to get better at pull ups, especially if you don’t yet have a single strict pull-up, you’re going to have to do progressive work before or after class, on a regular basis, to build the requisite strength to do the movement. It’s not a question of desire, it’s simply putting in the work. Over time, if you are regularly putting in that work, you will eventually get your pull-up.

I’m sorry, but there’s really no sexy shortcut to learning new skills or getting stronger. And you can’t rush the process. While it may not seem fair that some people are able to master skills at a faster rate, it’s a waste of energy to dwell on that. Your process is going to be your process. No getting around that.

So, during this Open, take note of what goes well and what causes you to struggle. Think about what might be needed to improve in those areas. Talk to a coach for suggestions and ideas. And then get to work! Because hard, patient work definitely pays off in the end.

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