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Running Through the Finish Line

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“Here is the start. There is the finish line. Between that, you have to run.”
– Jeff Galloway

The CrossFit Open can be really humbling. You go into it feeling fit, eager and excited, only to have that ONE (or several!) workout that crushes you, introduces a movement you can’t yet do, or a combination that lights you up from the very first round. I know that most of you have found yourselves in this very position at some point over the last four weeks.

But it can also be a time to discover yourself! Maybe you finally beat your frenemy in a workout. Maybe you have been diligently working on your bar muscle ups and finally had the opportunity to put them to the test (Stacy, I’m looking at YOU!).

Maybe, just maybe, you realized that, with a little help from cheering friends, you can push yourself just a little bit harder, go just a little bit faster, or hold on just a little bit longer than you thought you could. I know that most of you have also been in this position over these last four weeks.

This is the beauty of the Open, and why it is one of the best tests of fitness around. It gives you the opportunity to assess where you are, figure out where you’d like to go, and make a plan to get there.

So as you look back on the Open, embrace how you did, take stock of what you’d like to accomplish, and enjoy the process!

What matters is what you brought to the fight, and that you gave your best. Don’t be disappointed in what you couldn’t do or what score you didn’t get because there’s no finish line in fitness, and there will always be room for growth.  What matters is how you decide to approach your fitness for the coming year.

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