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The Momentum of Decisions

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Sometimes we get into a slump. Maybe life got busy or your work schedule changed. Maybe you had a bad week of eating, drinking, and poor sleep making “getting back on track” an uphill battle.

Falling off our plan the first time is a crossroads moment. We find ourselves split between two paths: our premeditated plan for a desired outcome, and the impulsive path that feels good but won’t help in the long-term. One slip-up is only a few steps down the wrong path, and the way back is clear and concise.

However, good or bad decisions tend to build momentum. One poor decision leads to another and another, compiling and compounding on each other like a rogue wave drawing on water. Before you know it, you’re drowned under a tsunami of poor decisions and the way back is intangible.

A good decision, however, doesn’t have to be proportionate to the bad ones unless you think so. Often it seems like a bad week must be countered by a full week of juicing and ten-mile runs. The immensity of the counter workout makes it hard to get started…so it’s easy not to. But good decisions carry momentum too. A better choice in the morning, without the emotional weight of “making up for it all”, will make it easier to lead to good decisions in the afternoon and evening and so on. That too, can compile and compound into a great week ahead!

Today is as good as any other day to get back on track!

Getting back to the gym can feel more difficult if we’ve been away for a while. No matter what life is bringing or has brought, you won’t regret signing up, showing up, and doing your best. Any day you can get a workout in is a good day, and a great time to go to the gym is when you don’t feel like going.

No matter what life is bringing or has brought your way, you won’t regret signing up, showing up, and doing your best!

After hundreds of conversations with Dark Horse members over the years, it is clear that everyone has an off-day. Maybe it was the first day back after vacation or just a rough week. Everyone seems to suffer the body shock and perhaps the ego blow of the first workout in a while. But at the end of class when we are hunched over panting or collapsed on the floor hyperventilating – no one has ever said they regretted going.

The endorphins of the workout and the feel-good emotions of doing something good for our bodies is the antidote to any slump we’re in – especially if we didn’t want to go in the first place! The answer is right there, and all we have to do is show up.

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